Should We Elope?

You may be asking, should we elope? Suppose you want an incredibly unique wedding day experience that lets you celebrate your relationship in the most authentic way and is a true reflection of who you are. In that case, an elopement might be for you.

Eloping couple walking down a wooded path in the woods of North Carolina. Bouquet of flowers in a hiking backpack.

What is an elopement?

When most people hear the word elopement, they think of running off to Vegas to get married without anyone knowing (fun fact: that’s exactly what my parents did). While that definitely can be how you elope, there are other ways as well.

My definition of eloping is when couples choose to have a wedding day entirely focused on them and what they want to do, where they want to go, and how they want to spend their day. You don’t have to worry about all expectations, opinions, and obligations about what you’re “supposed” to do, and instead focus entirely on what matters most to you two.

What would your wedding day look like if there were no boundaries? Maybe you want to hike up a mountain and have your ceremony at the very top while the sun sets behind you. Perhaps you want the Vegas experience, complete with an Elvis impersonator as your officiant. This is YOUR day. Let your imagination run wild. 

Elopements can be two people. They can also be 15-30 people. It can be immediate family only, or just you and your dog. There is no set of rules when it comes to an elopement.

Couple holding a lantern kissing while standing in the middle of a field while the sun sets behind them.

Why elope?

Eloping is not for everyone, and that’s ok! If you have always dreamed of having a big wedding with a huge party, have that wedding! I whole-heartedly believe that there is no elopement – or couple – that is exactly like another.

If you are leaning towards having a non-traditional wedding day, here are a few reasons to consider having an elopement. 


Couples who elope get so much quality time together. Most couples who elope get ready together, and the excitement is shared from the moment you wake up. Holding hands and living the wedding day side by side is also calming. That is what an elopement is all about – the two of you, enjoying every moment of the unique experience and creating new memories together. 

On a wedding day with 100+ guests, the bride and groom don’t get to spend time together alone much. You get ready separately, have the ceremony then group photos. After your couple photo session, usually with the bridal party there, it’s time to hit the reception. Between cake cutting, dining, dancing, speeches, and other formalities, you barely have time to speak to all the guests. It’s a busy day. If you want any moments alone as a couple, you need to steal them or wait until the last song has been played.

If that sounds too hectic for you, then eloping might be just right for you.

Whatever way you choose to elope, the idea is entirely romantic. Fairytale moments shared between the two of you as you prepare to get married, the private ceremony, and then straight into the honeymoon – it’s non-stop love, joy, and excitement wrapped up in romance. It’s bliss and how a wedding should feel. 


If you elope, you can save a lot of money. Costs such as food and drink are minimized. Entertainment and decorations also don’t cost so much. Those are significant costs, and the smaller items add up. You don’t need to send out wedding invitations or buy wedding favors. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t have a gorgeous elopement with stunning florals and some live music; of course, if that’s something you would want. The meaning and sentiment are still there, but generally, the cost will be lower. 

You can take the money you saved for food and drink, a DJ, all the wedding favors, etc. and put it into a savings account, use it as part of a down-payment on a car or house, or go on a month – or two – long road trip for your honeymoon. You can spend money on things that are important to you both as a couple. 


If it’s just the two of you love birds attending, your options for where you say your vows are endless. Think about the scenery and landscape that you and your partner feel most connected to. You can think about mountain tops, national parks, a black sand beach, eloping in the middle of winter with the snow falling down around you, and elk walking by in the distance. What fills you with comfort, excitement, and happiness? 

Some couples decide to do extravagant things like taking a helicopter to a secluded place to get married in a truly private environment or riding in a hot air balloon as the sun rises. When you elope, the options become wide open, and you can think creatively and dream big – it’s so exciting!

Imagine spending your anniversary hiking to the place you said your vows, reliving the experience and soaking it all in. Even going back ten years later and being able to renew your vows in the same place. You can bring your children or grandchildren there someday and tell them all about how you had the most incredible day of your life, incorporating all your favorite things when you got married. 

View of the mountains in North Carolina at sunset with a crescent moon in the sky.

Should we elope?

It’s ultimately up to you. While it’s not for everyone, it is an incredibly intimate way to celebrate the beginning of a new crazy adventure together. If you are even entertaining the idea of an elopement, I recommend exploring the concept further. I’ve never had a couple regret eloping, and all say it is a bonding experience they will treasure for a lifetime. 

Whether you decide to choose to elope or have a big traditional wedding, don’t forget that this is a day you will not forget, so take time for just the two of you. Take a few deep breaths, and let all the stress and worries go. Hug your partner and melt into each other for a moment until you feel at peace. 

Be true to yourselves and choose the way you get married deliberately. 

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