Hey there! Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! If you are looking for a photographer who can help you let loose and have fun while capturing those intimate moments between the bear hugs, kisses, and longing looks, you're in the right place!

Here's a little bit about me: I live in Nashville, Tennessee, and love traveling anywhere and everywhere I can! I'm ALWAYS up for an adventure.

Ever since I was little, my favorite things have been camping, hiking, and laying out to look at the stars. I grew up in a rural area where I watched meteor showers in the backyard and thunderstorms roll in from my front porch. I absolutely love the outdoors and have tons of houseplants bringing a little bit of green into my home. 

Capturing intimate + authentic memories

my story

 TN+co elopement photographer

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- Documentary
- Intimate
- Authentic
- Natural Light
- Human connection
 - Experience over production
- Honest
- Emotional
- Unscripted

My Approach

My goal as a photographer is for you to forget that it's a photography session. I want you to hug, steal kisses, dance, get real cozy with one another. Those moments are where the magic happens! 

Let's have fun! Be true to yourself and the feelings you're having for your love! I'll be there to capture all of it! 

Let's go on an adventure.

I got my first camera around the age of 10 and immediately went outside to take pictures of the flowers in my backyard. I started taking pictures of my family and then people from school, and eventually, people I had never met before (with permission of course!).

Enough about me, I want to get to know you! I want to know your favorite things, what gets you excited, and your unique story! I am all about being friends with my clients and not just shoving a camera in their face and telling them to pose. 

we lose ourselves in the things we love. we find ourselves there too
-kristin martz
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